5 ways a virtual landline will grow your business

Leaping into a new business is exciting, but can also be full of challenges. How you stay in touch with customers is a key decision that’s often neglected. You’re on the go, so your mobile’s the simple choice. It’s easy. It works. Why not?

But how might that appear to customers? The fact is, that many potential customers may be uncomfortable buying products or services from a mobile-only business. A landline number, rightly or wrongly, is perceived as adding credibility. Building trust is vital. The solution is a virtual landline.

What’s a virtual landline?

Landline Anywhere saw the opportunity to give businesses the benefits of a landline, with the flexibility of a mobile.

Thank the cloud. A virtual telephone number exists in the cloud and looks exactly like a traditional wired landline number, without being physically linked to any fixed telephone line.

With Landline Anywhere, you can choose a virtual number from anywhere in the UK—01/02 local or 0330 national numbers. When a customer calls your virtual landline, the call is diverted to a number of your choice. Usually your mobile number.

To the customer it appears as if they just called your office premises located in… well, wherever you like. Let’s look at the top 5 ways you can not only save money, but actively grow your business with a virtual landline through Landline Anywhere.

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1. It’s cheaper

For most new businesses, every pound counts. A traditional wired landline will set your business back anywhere from £20 to £130 for installation, plus a line rental of £10 to £20 a month. That means a traditional wired landline is likely to set you back a pricey average of £255 a year.

By comparison, with Landline Anywhere’s introductory offer of 2 months free when you pay annually, a virtual landline number will cost only £99.50 for the year. This saves you an average of over £150!

You can also pay monthly for a Landline Anywhere number, for only £9.95 a month.

This makes a Landline Anywhere number, a cost effective way for your business to keep in touch with customers.

2. Reassure customers

Maybe you provide services or products to the whole of the UK and want your phone number to reflect that national reach?

Alternatively, your business may benefit from going local. For service businesses especially - think anything from plumbing to computer repair - many customers prefer to use businesses based in their community.

Your business may want to project urban London central business district cool, while your offices may instead be situated on the outskirts.

The answer in all these situations is a virtual landline. You can select from a range of local and national numbers, to reassure new customers.

A catering company based in Bradford, could easily expand to service Leeds, by using a virtual 0113 number in their advertising. Customers dial the local number and the calls route to the caterer’s Bradford number. Increased business, without opening a new store!

Alternatively, many online businesses provide services across the whole country and don’t want to be seen as small or local. A Landline Anywhere number frees you from the chains of your area dialling code, with a 0330 national number.

A virtual landline helps build a customer base, because it projects the right image for your business.

3. More calls equals more business

Research conducted by Telux shows that UK SMEs are losing up to £90m in potential sales each year due to missed calls. Additionally, 85% of missed calls will not call back.

A Landline Anywhere number will quite simply help your business answer more calls. If you’re busy on a job, in a meeting, or can’t answer, a virtual landline from Landline Anywhere allows you the freedom to choose how your calls are handled.

You get a 24/7 e-receptionist, with a bespoke welcome message. Out-of-hours automation sends calls straight to voicemail during non-business hours. Timed diverts allow you to route calls to another number, so customers can always speak to a person.

These free features give you the ability to maximise the value of calls to your business. Because calls divert seamlessly to your mobile, you need never again miss a call from a potential customer.

4. Greater control

Choose a virtual landline from Landline Anywhere and you can manage your phone number easily through our handy online portal. This provides the tools you need to manage your own phone system.

You can change the number your calls are diverted to at any time, view call logs, view invoices, record greetings, listen to voicemail messages - as well as change settings, such as the length of time before calls go to voicemail.

The friendly Landline Anywhere team are ready and waiting to help you make the most out of your virtual landline number on 0800 292 6789.

5. Your number goes with you

Almost every new SME has been there. You start off working from home, or from a small office. Your business expands and you outgrow your current location.

You find the perfect office in the city, but you can’t take the old number with you. It belongs to the telco. What that means, beyond reprinting business cards, is communication disruption and the potential loss of clients.

A virtual landline from Landline Anywhere means just that. Because the number isn’t tied to a fixed landline, it’s yours, with the convenience to take it anywhere your business might go.

Even if you use a fixed landline, this is a pretty good reason to consider going virtual. You can divert a virtual landline to any fixed landline.

The solution is a virtual landline from Landline Anywhere

Starting a business can be both stressful and rewarding. If you don’t want to worry at some point about phone numbers, planning ahead can save a lot of headaches.

A virtual landline combines the professionalism of a local or national landline number, with the freedom of mobile and without the cost and hassle of a traditional wired landline. You’ll save money and grow your business.

It’s easy to get started and you can be set up with your virtual landline number in minutes. Just sign up on our website, choose your perfect local or national landline number, divert your calls to your chosen number, and you’re all set.

It’s time to answer customer calls and grow your business! It takes just a few minutes to get set up with your Landline Anywhere number. Get started now.

— Last updated on November 28, 2023.

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